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A Walmart Rant

 I know what you are thinking.  When you see the title of this article, “A Walmart Rant” you are probably expecting to here another angry, disgruntled employee going off about the big evil company that is sweeping through the country and destroying the small-town mom and pop hardware stores and grocery chains.  I have read several of these kinds of complaints from former employee’s complaining that Walmart is unfair and even demeaning to their employee’s.  The wages are to low.  It’s too hard to progress in the company and move up the ladder.  There aren’t many opportunities to move up.  They expect too much out of their employee’s.  The list could go on and on of the complaints that I have read about.

However, just the other day I read an interesting article from a man who is now employed by a news agency but was previously employed at Walmart.  His take on Walmart was very interesting because we know that there are always to sides to every story and he was telling the other side of this story that you rarely hear.  He talked about enjoying his time and employment with Walmart.  He explained that he tried to work hard and stay positive and that positions DID open.  He said that though his pay was never tremendous, his pay DID increase.  He talked about those former employees who are very vocal their displeasure with Walmart and how he worked along side many of them.  The problem he said that many of these employees had was not a lack of opportunity but a lack of work ethic.  They wanted something for nothing.  And in the end, that is exactly what they got out of their employment, nothing.

I guess my point for this rant is to see if can look at Walmart or any other store for that matter in a different light?  I don’t really care if you like Walmart or not, but before you just assume that they are the bad guys, ask yourself why.  Is it because they pay their employee’s so much less than the mom and pop store in town?  No, their wages are competitive. Is it because most of their products are imported from other countries?  This is true but so are most of the products on the shelf of your local hardware store.

My approach with Walmart is just the same as it is with any other store.  If they have a better price, I’m probably headed there.  And just like with any other store, you can increase your chances of getting the best prices when you snag a coupon before you go.  I love these websites out there that help you find coupons.  Frugaldad.com is an awesome site for that.  They even have some occasional coupons for things like groceries at walmart, etc.

Wherever you shop just keep an open mind and go off of your own experience, not a disgruntled employee.  They tend to be slightly biased.


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