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National News – July 2010

The Tea Party aggressive in their approach to laying a foundation of political legitimacy.

President Obama gives the nod to retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper who overseas pentagon intelligence operations to run 16 spy agencies as Director of National Intelligence Agency.

Oil spill worse than thought danger to fishing industry for years to come. After numerous attempts British Petroleum appears to be making progress in containing the leakage.

Helen Thompson press icon who covered 10 presidential administrations with a career spanning 60 years blasted Israel at a White House Jewish Heritage Celebration on May 27th when she said, “get the hell out of Palestine.” Ms. Thompson is the daughter of Lebanese immigrants.

Volunteers who attempted to clean the beach area in Louisiana were besieged by immigration officers to check legal residency.

Comedy Central thinks of broadcasting a cartoon series called J.C. (Jesus Christ) which would depict Jesus in a blasphemous way. Over 93, 000 have signed a petition to stop possible airing.

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