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New York News

Governor David Patterson continues to communicate his will to save the budget although in lame duck status he has cut $775 Million in the area of healthcare.

City Charter schools get approval for 100% growth. Meanwhile Mayor looks to cut city teachers.

New York City off duty officers and female companions in horrific auto accident.

Hiram Monserrate ex state senator attempts a comeback possibly running for vacate seat in senate left by Jose Peralta.

City plans to dump shelter rent law to allow families living in city shelters to save their money instead of pay shelter rent.

Barry Gibb an free man after serving 19 years for a crime he didn’t commit received a $9.9 Million settlement with city.

Columbia University tries to enforce eminent domain for educational purposes. The rules allow for an institution to do so for educational expansion according to a rule on the books since 1821 which is combined with Article I section 7 of city charter stay tuned.

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